Victim Thinking

No matter what the situation, today if I believe down deep that I am a helpless victim then I am in dangerous emotional territory. Although we all feel victimized at times (and in reality there is great pain out there caused by other’s actions) it is a powerful emotional position to shun “victim-hood” and to […]

Taking Calculated Risks in Therapy

Recently a patient showed me how and when to take a calculated risk during an individual therapy session (of course never ever do anything unethical or inappropriate or potentially damaging  — “first, do no harm”). In this moment she led me out of my comfort zone and into new and important emotional territory for her. […]

The enemy is within us, from Dr. Joe Lucian

One of my favorite therapist, Dr. Joe Luciani, wrote the following in his blog (  “A famous line from the comic strip Pogo was, “We have seen the enemy and he is us.”  Take heart, because in life it is not adversity, hardship or even bad luck that is our enemy—it is us!  Insecurity, doubt, […]

Come To Your Senses – more

Ideas from Dr. Block’s book Come To Your Senses: He talks about the “depressor” that we all have in our heads. This is the voice that takes normal thoughts and catastrophizes them. Quote from page 26: “What are you to do, for example, when you think, “I will never get this right,” “I’m lazy,” “I’m […]