Dr. Teri Murphy, PhD, on Teaching EFT & Attachment & Her Personal Journey

In episode #3, we talk with with Dr. Teri Murphy, a certified Trainer, Supervisor, and Therapist of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). In this episode Dr. Teri discusses love and creativity, and teaching and joy and sadness. She gets very personal about many of the hard things she has been through, her “dark nights of the soul” and gives helpful advice to anyone who is also struggling to deal with darkness or depression.

On Dr. Teri’s website, she described herself and her work this way:

“My mission is to help people live as the fullest version of who they are. Anything that gets in the way of wholeness and love is what we focus on in our work. My favorite thing in the world is helping you re-ignite your spark.”

It was an honor to sit with Dr. Teri and learn more about her journey. There is something for everyone in what Dr. Teri shares!

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