more gratitude

I am convinced that the best antidote to negativity is gratitude. We all know how good it feels to be full of gratitude. Try this as a daily practice; before you get out of bed think of 5 specific things you are grateful for. It will change your feelings your energy level and your attitude. […]

Live from your values not your emotions

Addicts pay attention to their feelings more than their values. If an addict can slow down and not make the impulsive choice in the moment then they have a chance to reflect on their values (what the cars about most) then they have a chance to not take the next fix but instead Make a […]

The power of the present

I cannot stress loudly or strongly enough that learning to live mindfully in the moment and in touch with your bodiy are key steps toward true mental health. Mental conditions such as depression,  anxiety, OCD, ADD, and others all share an underdeveloped ability to live in the present. When recovering from these conditions if you […]

a different descripton/definition of Addiction

a wise friend once said this about her experience with drug addiction: “when I got into drugs I wanted to use them (I was young and liked to party) … then when I finally no longer wanted to use the drugs I was hooked and I couldn’t stop using them.” What an accurate description of […]

Controlling Behavior

When anxiety leads you to get overly obsessed with controlling outcomes in your life (specifically ones that in reality you can’t control) then you can be sure you are out of “flow” and out of the moment and you are in the dangerous emotional state of over controlling your life . (This idea comes fro […]