Controlling Behavior

When anxiety leads you to get overly obsessed with controlling outcomes in your life (specifically ones that in reality you can’t control) then you can be sure you are out of “flow” and out of the moment and you are in the dangerous emotional state of over controlling your life . (This idea comes fro […]

Chinese Proverb Worth Living

“live your life so loudly that people can’t hear what you’re saying”


We all need to breathe with awareness more every day. When you feel stress, take a moment to notice your breathing. Notice what happens in your body as your breathe in and breathe out. Gently bringing yourself back to the breath will ground you back to your body. This is basic mindfulness. Try it. It […]

the emotional brain vs the logical brain

A big part of mental health is the ability to move fluidly between the emotional and the logical. Tor example, in my marriage that means being able to go from an argument, where I may feel triggered or angry or perhaps misunderstood …..  AND THEN ….. calm myself down and think logically. The logical thinking […]

Trick yourself into a better mood

We all get moody and have bad days. Try this for a mood booster: when you feel a negative emotion or thought pattern hit you take a five minute break and write down 20 things in your life that you are grateful for. Be specific. You will be surprised at the upward bump you will […]