Candace Muses On Life During COVID-19

How are you doing? Where do your thoughts go? Are you dropping into fear? Anger? Do you see people not wearing masks, gathering in groups and get agitated? Or maybe you feel numb and stuck, not sure how you feel. During this season of Covid I find my emotions are all over the place. I am out of my routine and feel scattered. I’m easily distracted and struggle to complete tasks. I persevere and find my way somehow. My thoughts drift thinking about those who live alone. No hugs. I hike up to the H Rock and see the valley below and start to feel a sense of hope, the clear blue skies and I can breathe again. Hope for a change, hope for a cure, hope for connection and more hugs for all.

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Depression and the Inner Critic

When I have been the most depressed one constant was a brutally critical interior conversation. This inner critic was loud and menacing, usually communicating to me that I was worthless and weak, not worthy of love, and that getting out of the depression was unlikely.
Over many years of cognitive and spiritual work I have learned to recognize this critical voice and take my power back. The first step always was to identify the voice. Next was to observe the insanity of the critic’s voice. Only then could I talk back to the critic and begin to find my own voice.
I believe the first step is acceptance of the voice. Then experiencing it, not running from it. Mindfulness is vital even when the inner critic rages and roars.

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